About Festivals From India

About Festivals From India

India's first online platform to showcase arts and culture festivals

Festivals From India is an India-UK initiative made possible by the British Council. The digital platform is designed to showcase hundreds of arts and culture festivals across artforms, locations and languages. Whether you love attending festivals, are a festival manager, supplier, sponsor, advertiser, volunteer or just a curious cultural carnivore, Festivals from India is here to help. 

Festivals From India celebrates the cultural diversity and inclusive power of festivals to bring different communities together. All arts and cultural festivals — annual, biennales and triennials — have a home on this platform. We shine the spotlight on contemporary and traditional arts festivals, and international partnerships, especially between India and the UK. 

Here, you can #FindYourFestival, #ListYourFestival and develop #FestivalSkills

  • If you know which type of arts and culture festivals you are looking for, we are the place for you!
    • Search festivals by artform, location or month.
  • If you are curious and looking for new experiences, we are the place for you!
    • Discover emerging, experimental and established festivals through our handpicked collections.
  • If you are a traveller or tourist looking to explore India’s culture through its local festivals, we are the place for you!
    • Festivals From India will help you prepare for families, differently-abled audiences and visitors wanting to attend diverse festivals.
  • If you are a festival organiser in India or work in the festivals sector, we are the place for you!
    • Learn, network, and upskill with experts from across the globe including India, South Asia and the UK.

Festivals From India will strengthen the creative economy of festivals in India to develop audiences and promote sustainable cultural tourism – with an India-UK consortium leading the way.

Festivals From India will champion diversity of India’s artists with the UK, urban and rural places, and India’s languages, by celebrating gender equality, social inclusion, sustainability and skill development.

What kind of festivals are included here?

This portal only includes ‘art and culture’ festivals. We define a cultural festival as “an organised series of arts and culture events or activities typically held annually in the same location, either physically or digitally. It is a period of celebration that focuses on either a single artform or several. Often, this set of activities is either curated and selected by a team or comprises a collection of arts initiatives. It brings together a range of people from different locations to form an audience. A cultural festival can vary in size a gathering of hundreds to lakhs — and is often supported by governments, organisations, brands, communities, collectives and individuals.”

The space and context of arts festivals in India is large, and given the team’s resources and expertise, we choose to focus on this niche. On this portal, we welcome festivals from the following genres: Arts and Crafts, Design, Dance, Film, Folk Arts, Food and Culinary Arts, Heritage, Literature, Music, New Media, Photography, Theatre, Visual Arts and Multiarts or interdisciplinary events. This portal does not take into consideration religious or faith-based festivals.

Festivals From India is made possible by British Council, and designed and developed by ArtBramha (a sister concern of the Art X Company). Read here about the organisations behind the development of this platform.


Festivals From India is made possible by the British Council as part of its global creative economy programme. We bring together emerging and established arts and culture festivals together to connect, create and collaborate on this international platform. Festivals From India has been designed and developed by ArtBramha. Monitoring and Evaluation and audience insight is led by The Audience Agency (UK).

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