Network on Dara

Network on Dara

Connect and collaborate with arts festival experts from around the world on the Dara app for the creative industries, supported by the British Council

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Be a part of this community of festival founders, directors and arts leaders from various festivals in India — Festival Connections on Dara. If you are an artist, creative professional, student or arts manager and would like to explore and work deeply in the festival sector in India, this is the community for you!

At Festival Connections on Dara you can
  • Grow your network and meet peers
    • Find professionals, vendors, mentors and curators from the festivals sector.
  • Share your work
    • Debut your masterpiece or selectively share works-in-progress with vetted peers.
  • Access information and opportunities
    • News, reports, changing protocols, job opportunities and more, crowdsourced by your community.

This is the network you need to grow your career and thrive in the cultural and creative sector in Asia. To learn more, request to become a member of these curated groups today!

About Dara:

Dara — Where Communities Create Social Capital — offers an ad-free, institution-first alternative to Slack, WhatsApp and LinkedIn by creating a private, curated space for intimate chat and video conversations, re-connections over private events and new opportunities, inspirational work and collaborations. British Council, Art X Company and Festivals From India have come together to create an exclusive group for the festivals sector in India – Festival Connections on Dara.

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