Festivals From India Collaborates with Adelaide Fringe’s Honey Pot for Cultural Exchange

Festivals From India Embarks on an Exciting Collaboration with Adelaide Fringe 's Honey Pot for Enriching Cross-Cultural Exchange

Festivals From India is thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration with Adelaide Fringe‘s International Arts Marketplace – Honey Pot. This partnership marks a significant step towards fostering deeper cultural exchanges between the vibrant festival scenes of Australia and India.

As members of the Festivals From India and Festival Connections community, we are delighted to extend an invitation for you to participate as a Virtual Industry Delegate at the upcoming Honey Pot event in 2024. The best part? There is absolutely no cost to join as a Virtual Delegate, making it an accessible opportunity for all.

Honey Pot HIVE Sessions 2020 Photo: Chloe Elizabeth

But what exactly is Honey Pot, and why should you consider becoming a part of it?

What is Honey Pot?
Honey Pot is a unique marketplace that operates in conjunction with Adelaide Fringe, running from February 16 to March 17, 2024. It serves as a global hub for industry professionals, including programmers, festival organisers, producers, and major event representatives. This platform is designed to facilitate business and professional development, enabling artists to build sustainable careers and access opportunities on both national and international stages.

Who Are Honey Pot Delegates?
Honey Pot Delegates comprise a diverse mix of international and national programmers who represent major festivals, venues, and events. They also include talent scouts, artists’ management, TV, film, and digital producers, as well as cruise and tourism bookers. In 2023, Honey Pot attracted an impressive lineup of over 350 Delegates from 29 different countries, highlighting its global reach and impact.

So, how can you become a part of this exciting opportunity?

How to Register as a Honey Pot Delegate:

*Head to the AVR website.
*Create your profile and select “Participating as a ‘Honey Pot Delegate'” if you are new to AVR.
*Accept the terms and conditions.
*Navigate to the ‘My Honey Pot’ page or select it from the purple menu on the left side.
*Click the purple button to ‘Start Registration.’
*Complete the 2-page registration form.
*You’re now officially a Honey Pot Delegate!

We encourage you to register yourselves and invite your associates to become Virtual Delegates of Honey Pot. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with festival makers from around the world, expand your network and explore exciting possibilities within the global festival community.

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