Dramebaazi – International Arts Festival for the Young
Kolkata, West Bengal

Dramebaazi – International Arts Festival for the Young

Dramebaazi – International Arts Festival for the Young

Organised by The Creative Arts Academy, Dramebaazi – International Arts Festival for the Young is a festival that introduces the youth to art and culture. Artists, creators, cultural organisations and entrepreneurs teach students their craft at the festival, which was launched in 2018. Artforms such as theatre, arts and crafts, dance, folk art, food, music, and storytelling are introduced and experienced through workshops, performances, discussions and screenings. There’s also a flea market to encourage young entrepreneurs and promote environment-friendly, organic products. The festival also tries to create a space for connecting parents, teachers and children by including both generations in creative activities.

A unique aspect of Dramebaazi – International Arts Festival for the Young is that the youth interning with the academy are invited to be involved with the organisation of the festival a fortnight before it begins. They are made part of decisions regarding its theme and curation and are trained in logistics, management and execution across departments such as marketing, social media, graphic design and administration.

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Attendees get a chance to do workshops on art and craft, watch showcases of young artists, eat sumptuous food and buy items from the flea market set up by young entrepreneurs. Attendees can expect direct interaction with artists (both emerging and senior professionals), educationists, academics and learn about their processes, seeing their productions and creations, thoughts and have a Q&A session with them.

Tips on making the most of the event:

1. Register on time! Our event seats are filled in very quickly so it’s important that you register on time to get a chance to book your event!

2. Be interactive and ask questions! It is the best way to learn the most from the artists and what they are teaching.

3. Signing up for more events can give you the opportunity to interact with more people, artists and leaders and form a community! Also, do visit our flea market to see and support indigenous crafts and businesses.

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