Behala Art Fest Committee

An organisation aiming to promote art among the masses in Kolkata

Behala Art Fest

About Behala Art Fest Committee

Artist Sanatan Dinda and a group of ten art enthusiasts from different fields came together in 2020 to conceive the Behala Art Fest, with a single goal of revamping the streets with installations, photography, murals, and more. The Behala Art Fest Committee regularly holds workshops and talk shows and assists the people of the Sundarbans directly and through NGOs, thereby living up to their slogan, “art for people’s sake.” Belaha Art fest is the culmination of numerous discussions, brainstorming sessions, and informal ideations and talks among various sections of people in the city.

See our complete list of festival organisers here.

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Address G829+RFM, Roy Bahadur Rd, Gholeshapur, Behala, Kolkata, West Bengal 700034 Address Maps Link

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