CivicHelp and Progress Foundation

A non-government organisation generating employment and sustainable tourism opportunities for rural people in the Himalayas

CivicHelp and Progress Foundation (CHAP)

About CivicHelp and Progress Foundation (CHAP)

Founded by Advocate Aparna Aggarwal, the CivicHelp and Progress Foundation (CHAP) is a Section 8 Company (non-government organisation) based in Delhi, India. The team consists of social entrepreneurs who are dedicated to creating positive impact in rural communities of Northern Himalayas. One of the main objectives of the CivicHelp and Progress Foundation (CHAP) is generating employment opportunities for women in these villages. They believe that by empowering women and providing them with meaningful work, they can help create sustainable development and improve the overall economic and social conditions of the community. Additionally, they are also dedicated to providing immersive experiences for tourists who visit these villages. By showcasing the unique cultural and natural heritage of the region, they help promote sustainable tourism for the region.
CHAP’s work therefore revolves largely around creating a symbiotic relationship between the local communities and the tourists, where both parties benefit from each other’s presence. Through their endeavours, they hope to create a model of sustainable development that can be replicated in other parts of India and beyond.

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