Gaysi Family

A media platform and safe zone for queer desis

Team Gaysi Family. Photo: Gaysi Family

About Gaysi Family

Gaysi Family is a media platform and safe zone for queer desis that was formed in 2008. It provides space for queer folx from across South Asia to share their stories and experiences, while engaging with others from the community as that is critical to understanding what it means to be queer. The organisation believes that while people are aware that being queer means being LGBT, we must all also understand that queerness is “a philosophy, a politics, a sensibility”.

The activities of Gaysi Family include maintaining an online presence in the form of the Gaysi blog and virtual events (such as workshops, talks and open mics); the Gaysi zine (available in both digital and print formats); and a series of in-person events such as badminton tournaments, trivia nights, bar nights and queer theatre productions. Its properties include Can You Repeat The Question Please, Dirty Talk, Flick It, 2×2 Bar Nights, and Zine Bazaar, among others.

See the complete list of festival organisers here.

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