Sandbox Collective

A "creative and fluid space" that conceptualises and curates theatre and arts festivals

Gender Bender. Photo: Sandbox Collective

About Sandbox Collective

Sandbox Collective, which was formed in 2013, is envisioned as “a creative and fluid space for artistic exchange” that conceptualises and curates theatre and arts festivals for cultural organisations, venues, corporates and other institutions.

It also mounts and tours with theatre, music and dance productions that continue to be staged across the country and internationally; curates art trips and theatre-based workshops for children and adults; and offers short and long-term residencies to local and international artists on creative and/or research-oriented projects.

As part of its work in arts education, Sandbox Collective conducts programmes of performances, seminars and discussions and provides international artists and organisations India-centric arts and gender-related research assistance and mentorship facilities. It organises the in-house festivals Gender Bender and The Great Galata.

See the complete list of festival organisers here.


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