An NGO working towards environment and animal protection and social and cultural development


About Swastikam

Established in 2003, Swastikam is an NGO that works in the interest of environment and animal protection and social and cultural development. The organisation also works in areas such as health, education and agriculture.

Swastikam’s mission is to create “an equitable society, sustainable communities, where each member is aware of one’s own responsibility and contributions towards a greater good and a better and brighter tomorrow”.

Through their work, Swastikam has aided over 1700 pregnant women, planted 2800 trees, and distributed over 900 warm quilts and 18,500 masks, sanitisers, soaps and sanitary pads to those in need in just the last one year. Swastikam organises the Khambru International Short Film Festival to promote and encourage independent short filmmakers.

See the complete list of festival organisers here.


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Contact Details

Phone No 9004811814
Address Jayanti Basumatary House
By-Lane No. 1
Brindaban Nagar, West Boragaon
Guwahati, Assam

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