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Future Festival Tools is a project spearheaded by a consortium of prominent organisations across Europe. It aims to combat the environmental impact of the festival industry by equipping professionals with the necessary resources and training. This initiative introduces a new methodology that promotes environmental competences among festival and outdoor events professionals, enabling them to adopt sustainable business models and reduce their events’ environmental footprint. By actively providing tools and training, Future Festival Tools empowers industry players to take tangible steps towards creating a more sustainable future for festivals and outdoor events.

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Planning and Governance


In the wake of COVID-19, Future Festival Tools united festival organisations to chart the future of the industry during its most challenging period yet. The project serves as a green competency platform for event professionals, aimed at cultivating a sustainable European festival and events industry that pioneers green competencies, practices, tools, and personal certification. Among their offerings are certified e-learning courses on sustainability, an event self-assessment tool, best-practice guides and a trainers’ handbook for event businesses. Through these initiatives, Future Festival Tools is empowering event professionals with the knowledge and resources necessary to build a more sustainable and resilient industry.

Key Highlights

The project highlights how festivals can achieve the following-

  1. Minimise the environmental impact of the food they offer
  2. Produce energy without relying on fossil fuels
  3. Reduce water usage and treat grey water
  4. Handle resources brought in by suppliers, caterers, partners and audiences in a circular way
  5. Implement different sustainability strategies explored through case studies

The expected outcome of the project includes the following tools, courses and handbooks-

  1. IO1 Self-Assessment Tool
  2. IO2 Best Practice Compendium
  3. IO3 Online Course
  4. IO4 Trainers’ Handbook
Source: Future Festival Tools

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