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G.A.N.G. (Girls and Gigs): Ensuring Women’s Safety in the Festival Sector

G.A.N.G (Girls and Gigs) is a resource by FEMWAV (an ’empowerment network’ for female and non-binary talent from India) that can be used as a ‘call to action’ for ensuring women’s safety in the festival sector. This should be taken into account by artists, audiences, venue owners and organisers in order to make the festival space inclusive and accommodating.

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G.A.N.G. is an initiative started by FEMWAV–an ’empowerment network’ for female and non-binary talent from India–in order to call out to artists, organisers, venue owners and audiences for creating safer and equitable spaces for women. The policies covered are directed at interventions on the levels of, but not limited to, addressing ‘harassment, stalking and sexual violence that women face at clubs, concerts and festivals.’


Key Highlights

FEMWAV Call to Action for Women include:

  1. Lawyer Raveena Sethia’s guide to making sure that the festival venue is a safe space for all
  2. Surveys accounting for women’s responses to sexual harassment
  3. Raising accountability for venue owners, event organisers, artists and audiences to crack down on sexual harassment
  4. A checklist for taking action towards ensuring women’s safety
Source: FEMWAV

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