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A not-for-profit organisation promoting South Asian art around the world

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About Museum of Art & Photography (MAP)

The Museum of Art & Photography (MAP), is the vision of one of India’s most prominent art collectors Abhishek Poddar. The museum is a not-for-profit organisation that wishes to promote South Asian art around the world by highlighting the vast and rich cultural heritage of India. It is also a custodian to over 60,000 objects ranging from artworks, sculptures, textiles and more. The idea of inclusivity and accessibility are at the core of what The Museum of Art & Photography (MAP) strives to achieve within the modern art space in the country, by democratising art in a manner that it is available to a diverse range of audiences across the globe.

Keeping with their mission of collaborative exploration, the museum boasts of a wide network of partnerships with universities, schools, museums and galleries across the country and the world. Their programmes include workshops with schools, colleges and universities in Bengaluru. MAP also ensures that their website is updated with an array of readily-available educational materials. It believes in the importance and potential of sharing knowledge and expertise in advocating for India’s extraordinary cultural heritage across the world. Located at the heart of Bengaluru, MAP hopes to change the general perception of museums across the country and show that they are in fact, engaging spaces for the interchange of ideas, storytelling, dialogue and cultural exchange. Ultimately, MAP seeks to inspire people to interact with art in ways that encourage humanity, empathy and a deeper understanding of the world we live in.

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