What’s In A Name? — Ripples

A series that reveals the meaning and significance behind intriguing festival names

From Lollapalooza in the US to Creamfields in the UK, festivals all over the world have come up with some creative and interesting names that make them stand out from the rest. In this series, we interview organisers about the meaning and significance behind their intriguing festival names.

This month, we spoke to Arpan Thakur Chakraborty from Banglanatak dot com and asked him the story behind the name of their arts and crafts festival Ripples, which they launched in January 2021 to contribute to the long-term resilience and sustainability of artisans and craftspersons in rural West Bengal.

“We wanted to create a buzz in the rural areas and villages, where the artisans and craftspeople are based, [and create] a ‘ripple effect’ that allowed these artists to get opportunities in other places,” says Thakur Chakraborty. “With this kernel of an idea, the Ripples Festival was born. And create ripples it did. We were able to provide a space to help artists to recover from the pandemic and share their art with the world”.

Find out more about Ripples here.

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