The Queer Muslim Project

One of South Asia’s largest virtual networks of queer, Muslim and allied individuals

An illustration by The Queer Muslim Project. Artwork: Brohammed

About The Queer Muslim Project

Delhi-based The Queer Muslim Project is one of South Asia’s largest virtual networks of queer, Muslim and allied individuals, with a growing global community of over 35,000 people. The Queer Muslim Project, which was started in 2017, uses digital advocacy, storytelling and visual arts to create avenues for young people from under-served communities to express themselves, build community and forge creative collaborations. It aims to visibilise the diversity of queer experiences in South Asia and to counter intentional misrepresentation and socially-reinforced stereotypes.

Its list of digital publications includes Safe and Strong: An LGBTQIA+ Guide to Facebook and Instagram, Queer Muslim Futures: A Collection of Visions, Utopias and Dreams and online newspaper Among its current programmes are an India-UK Poetry Exchange in partnership with the British Council, BBC Contains Strong Language and Verve Poetry Press. In 2022, it won the Cosmopolitan India Blogger Awards for LGBTQIA+ Voice of the Year.

See the complete list of festival organisers here.


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