Hyperlink Brand Solutions

A collective that executes corporate and brand-led events and activations.

Shot and broadcasted nationwide, Filmfare Awards 2021 was a roaring success while adhering to all safety and regulated norms.

About Hyperlink Brand Solutions

Hyperlink Brand Solutions is a collective that executes corporate and brand-led events and activations ranging from awards shows to summits, conferences, reward and recognition programmes, school and college activations, mall promotions, cultural movements, digital events and more. It aims to tell “multi-dimensional stories and bridge the gap between the vision and the reality of a successful experience”. The collective produces content for digital viewing as well as television and films and amplifies events and experiences through digital marketing strategies.

See the complete list of festival organisers here.

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Contact Details

Phone No 9819764474
Address Hyperlink Brand Solutions
Matulya Centre, Second Floor
Lower Parel
Mumbai 400028

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